Sound Immersion


Experience our deepest offering as you immerse yourself in all that is Sound. This 2-hour session gives you a glimpse into all our offerings, taking you to the next level of your most intriguing curiosities. Lay down for a unique, personalized sound bath, and then spend some time getting to learn about and play with the instruments as Ann teaches and guides you into any area you’d like to workshop. This is a wonderful offering if you think you may be interested in our sound training program and might be on the fence about fully committing. Or perhaps you’re simply wanting to learn more about the instruments and are looking for some individualized guidance. There is room here for experience, play, learning, as well as an opportunity to purchase bowls and tuning forks if you’d like. Open to all, no experience necessary. 1-7 ppl.

  • 2 hours
  • Personalized Sound Bath
  • Opportunity to workshop the instruments with Ann
  • Immerse into learning and experiencing


If you are interested in a longer session or series of sessions, please contact

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